Blog Week 9 – Term 4

Good afternoon Families,

What a fantastic year we have had.

Twilight Book Awards
The Twilight Book Awards on Wednesday night was an amazing event. A big thank you to our sponsors and their donations. Our community is wonderful.

A massive congratulations to all our worthy prize winners, well deserved after all your hard work.

Academic Award Winners
Sofia Carden SH1 – Teal
Veronika Sharma – SH1 Gold
Sebastian Versaico – SH2 Teal
Eamjot Kaur – SH2 Gold
Loki Horvath – SH3 Tea
lKashvi Thakar – SH3 Gold
Asmi Gill – SH4
Noah Jolly – SH5
Aisha Dadwal – SHTR1
Ruby Deliu – ST1
Charli Winchester – ST2
Jasondeep Nirwan – ST3
Cleo Miller – TH1
Hamza Abd El-Ghaffar – TH2
Oscar Sio – TH3
Seth Grover – TH4
Ocean Walker – BR2
Jeffrey Franklin – BR3/4
Justin Franklin – BR3/4
Andreea Paliu – CL2
Lucy Keown – CL1

Woodland Way Awards:
Owen Wright – SH1 Teal
Ruby Grigg – SH1 Gold
Ruby Jongeling – SH2 Teal
Charlee Dedrick – SH2 Gold
Ava Dunlop – SH3 Teal
Jayden Passchier – SH3 Gold
Storm Rasmussen-May – SH4
Phoebe Harris – SH5
Aiden Wakeley – SHTR1
Shivtaj Sandhu – ST1
Anthony Evans – ST2
Charlton Cox – ST3
Jayden Harris-Polkinghorne – TH1
Amito Majok – TH2
Olivia Borsi – TH3
Shahmir Hassan – TH4
Oliver Weall –BR2
Isabelle Sweetlove – BR3/4
Mia Haime – BR3/4
Avah Hendriks – CL1

Woodland Way & Service Above Self Award
Meerab Hassan – CL2

Music Awards
Mamoona Quinzi
Meerab Hassan

Visual Arts Award
Madison Green
Justin Franklin

Visual Arts Canvas
Ocean Walker

Science Award
Brendon Lee
Andreea Paliu

Physical Education Award
Oscar Sio
Kaden Miller

DUX Award
Andreea Paliu





Reports will be uploaded to Connect on Monday the 11th of December.
Please contact Administration if you need any support or your details need updating.

Class Lists for 2018
Class lists will be up on Tuesday the 30th of January at 1pm.

First Day Back
School is back on 31st of January 2018 for all students except for Kindy Gold Group. Kindy Gold will be back to school on the 1st February 2018.

Uniforms Shop
The uniform shop will be open from 8:30am-3:30pm on Monday the 11th of December. Wednesday the 13th it will be open from 12pm -3pm.

Have a great weekend.