Welcome to Woodland Grove Primary School

The focus for our school is to cater for the ‘whole child’ through a Visible Learning and Visible Wellbeing focus.

Visible Learning is about ensuring children are able to reach their academic potential by making sure the learning intentions and success criteria are made clear. It is also about using teaching and learning strategies that are effective and have the greatest impact on student learning.

Visible Wellbeing is about making sure the social and emotional development of children is catered for at our school. We know that if children feel happy and safe at school and are able to make connections with staff and other students that their learning is more likely to flourish.

Our school’s moral purpose is ‘high expectations of success for every child, at every opportunity, every day’ and we pride ourselves on working together to achieve this.

As foundation Principal, Mrs Ashley Mottershead established Woodland Grove Primary School as an exemplary school. Her dedication to staff, students and the community was truly admirable. Under her leadership in 2023 Woodland Grove Primary School was selected as one of 25 schools in the state of Western Australia to be a Quality Teaching Strategy (QTS) school.

QTS lead schools demonstrate, share and lead effective classroom instruction and, like Woodland Grove have the following attributes:

  • A strong school culture of collaboration including evidence of high expectations, trust and feedback,
  • Capable leadership at all levels within the school and strong relationships between students, staff and families,
  • High impact teaching practices, based on evidence and research, visible across the school.

Our school is committed to continuing Mrs Ashley Mottershead’s remarkable legacy, principles and ideologies.

Mr Ben Jamieson