Blog 8, 2019




From the Principal’s desk


Memorial Service
On Friday the students and teachers from TH block held a memorial service for the victims of the Christchurch attacks including a one minute silence to show respect for those who lost their lives. This coincided with the memorial service held in Christchurch on the same day.

Earth Hour

Earth hour is a global conservation movement where people are asked to turn off all electronics for an hour to show their care for the planet. Students from TH1, TH2, TH3 and TH4 conducted this challenge on Friday from 8:15am-1:00pm by having an outdoor classroom. The students set up desks and flexible seating options outside their classrooms on the grass and used the natural light to complete all of their class work. The students thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience.

Celebration – 90
There was much celebration at our recent School Board meeting. Our Organisational Health Index score was 90. This is 7 pints above our score this time last year.

A strong organisational health is critical if we are to achieve our strategic goals. Our score places us in the top decile and means that we are well placed to continue to improve.

A BIG thank you and acknowledgement of the work of all the Woodland Grove staff. Our staff are an amazing bunch who work tirelessly to benefit the children of our school.


We are truly lucky to belong to our wonderful community.  Two amazing ladies delivered a bunch of quilts, crocheted rugs and library bags to our school this week.

Isa and Robyn belong to quilt making groups and through their contacts receive donations to distribute to schools and other groups. We were the lucky recipients of a number of these handmade treasures. Our chaplain, Raelene Stephens is able to help out families in our community with these gifts of love. Thank you to all involved.

Robyn is the wife of our school veterinarian, Dr Vale. As you know Dr Vale sponsors our school dog Bella. Bella has recently received her Therapy Dog harness and is venturing out into the school playground more and more. Woodland Grove children are learning how to approach Bella and treat her with respect. Thanks also to our animal behaviourist Sharon Chamberlain, who has been working with Bella and Mrs Mills to teach Bella how to behave. We are indeed a very lucky school to have so many kind people helping us.