Blog 5, 2018

Blog 5, 2018




From the Principal’s desk,









Our children have been busting out their dance moves during DanceSport over the past few weeks. It has been a wonderful opportunity for them to receive expert tuition. Parents are invited to watch DanceSport on March 20th. See below for your sessions.

Session 1 (8.40am – 9.10am) Yr 2/3 (STTR1, STTR2, STTR3)
Session 2 (9.15am – 9.45am) Pre – Primary (SHTR4, SHTR5, SH5 PPs)
Session 3 (9.50am – 10.40am) Yr 5/6 (TH3 & TH4)
Session 4 (11.05am – 11.55am) Yr 4/5 (TH1, TH2)
Session 5 (12noon – 12.40pm) Yr 3/4 (BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4)
Session 6 (1.30pm – 2.00pm) Pre – Primary (SH4, SHTR1)
Session 7 (2.00pm – 2.30pm) Yr 1 (ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, SH5 Yr 1s)

3 Way Interviews Week 7
A reminder to all our families that 3 Way Interviews will commence on Monday 12 March. Information about booking your interview online will be posted on Connect next week.
Remember that March 14 and 15 are half days with school closing at 12.50pm.

We will begin positive reword tickets for children who are in full school uniform. We want to encourage our children to demonstrate respect for their school by wearing their uniform properly. We also want to encourage our children to wear our school hat. A letter will be sent home to families if children are consistently out of uniform. Please don’t forget to speak to Kate Ayers if you need assistance to purchase our uniform. We also have a Lost Property box in the breezeway.
Our website contains information about our Dress Code

Cultural Competence Committee
As a multi-cultural community Woodland Grove Primary School is establishing a Cultural Competence Committee. The purpose of this group is to advise the school on culturally significant matters, help the school to be more inclusive of all cultures and to build partnerships. If this something that interests you we will be holding our first meeting on Monday 12 March at 1pm. Please let me know by email through our website if you will be attending.

School Board
Our first School Board meeting for the year is scheduled to take place on Thursday 08 march at 4pm. We will discuss membership at this meeting. If you are interested in being involved with School Board we will be asking for nominations after the first Board meeting. School Board is a wonderful way to be involved in setting the strategic direction of the school.

The parking at Woodland Grove Primary School is problematic as there are not enough car parking spaces to give every family at our school a space. As our school grows our parking will be put under more pressure. The school has been designed around the premise that most families can walk to school. I would like to ask our community to consider walking to school if that is practical for you, as this will relieve the pressure on our parking considerably.
I have had some initial discussions with concerned parents regarding our parking and the need to ensure children are able to arrive and leave school safely. We will be looking for community involvement on our Road Safety Committee. If this is something that might interest you please let me know by email through our website
I anticipate this committee meeting towards the end of this term.