Blog 5, 2020


At Woodland Grove reading is a huge focus for us, and we encourage our teachers to come up with new and creative ways to inspire excitement about reading and demonstrate the importance of reading to our students. Further below in this week’s classroom set up, you can see the various ways one of our teachers makes books accessible to their students.

The Department of Education has put together a document that is centred around “Building a Love for reading”. It has various tips and approaches that parents can use to encourage their children to read. Some of these include:

– Encourage children to choose their own book

– Have a place at home to keep books

– Let your child see you read


To view this document download it here.

For more information on reading with your children visit


Classroom Set Up

This week we went into Mrs Williams’ classroom. When entering the class, the students were busy completing a spelling test. Some students were seated on the carpet, while others were at their desks or choosing a book to read. This flexible seating allowed the students to be more comfortable when completing certain activities and gave a calm and relaxed feeling in the room. We love the way Mrs Williams’ has packed her room with endless books to read, various seating arrangements to choose from and covered the walls in colours inspired by nature. The added plants scattered around the room compliment the space and add to the calm, safe feel of the room.


Voluntary Contributions

For your chance to win our Voluntary Contribution prizes please pay your voluntary contribution fees by the 13th of March. The winners of the prizes will be announced at the following Whole School Assembly on the 18th of March. Prizes include:

  • 1st Prize – Scooter
  • 2nd Prize – Pandora Jewellery Set and Jewellery Box
  • 3rd Prize – Pandora Jewellery Set
  • 4th Prize – Tartan Spice Vouchers


National Ride2School Day

On the 13th of March it is National Ride2School Day. Join in the freaky fun on this day by riding, walking, skating or scooting to school. National Ride2School day is a perfect opportunity for students and the school community to embrace a healthier start and to try walking and riding to school for themselves. WGPS is celebrating National Ride2School Day by seeing who can ride, walk, skate or scoot to school in the spookiest costume! All students who actively travel to school will enter our spooky school raffle to win some prizes along with a best dressed award.