Wellbeing Warriors

The Woodland Grove Wellbeing Program

Our initial Wellbeing Warriors program was run and coordinated by Mrs Jessica Hodgekiss, a teacher here at Woodland Grove. The program focused on developing social connections through a journey of self-discovery. On the journey each child was taught the skills to regulate his/her emotions and to develop resilience.

The Wellbeing Warriors program continues at Woodland Grove with the same intent; the development of emotional regulation and resilience.

Students involved in our pilot program were gifted a keepsake journal; this journal introduces invaluable strategies and habits for life. Some of these wellbeing habits include mindfulness techniques and are accompanied by written components that encourage them to reflect and set goals for positive change.

Excerpt from a student journal.

Visible Wellbeing at Woodland Grove

Pilot Program

Zone In

During this session students are introduced to the purpose and expectations of the Wellbeing Program, Neuroplasticity, Growth Mindset, and Positive Language of Emotions. These key concepts will provide students with opportunities to feel a sense of belonging, develop an understanding of Neuroplasticity and Fixed vs Growth Mindset, and understand the meaning of Optimist vs Pessimist. Prior to completing the session students will complete a Social-Emotional Wellbeing Pre-Survey.


Students will be introduced to the meaning of Gratitude and the act of being Grateful. After completion of this session students will understand the meaning of Gratitude and be able to practice being grateful.


In this session students will look at the meaning of Kindness and the importance of giving to others. They will complete activities from designing a ‘Contagious Kindness Keepsake’ letterbox to writing down daily acts of kindness for 21 days.


While completing the Mindset session students will be introduced to the meaning of Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset and embracing a Growth Mindset. Such a concept is the guiding principle to the Woodland Grove Way. During this session students are encouraged to share examples of when they have embraced a Growth Mindset and to compare the differences between having a Fixed vs Growth Mindset.


In this workshop, students will learn about the key concept of building resilience. More specifically, they will how to recognise strengths, celebrate achievements, connect with people and regulate their feelings, thoughts and actions. They will also be introduced to the importance of developing their ability to ‘bounce forward’ from difficult situations.


During this session students will learn to recognise their character strengths and develop an understanding that if we are deeply involved in a task that is challenging but suited to our strengths, we experience a joyful state called “flow”. Students will be required to complete the VIA Character Strengths Survey and identify their individual Character Strengths and create a Character Strengths Tree.


While completing the connection workshop, students will be taught the importance of having connections. Through these sessions they will identify their “go-to” people on five fingers and develop an understanding of why relationships with others are extremely important in life. Some of the activities that they will complete include creating a ‘Connections Wall’ and tracing around their hand and nominating their five go-to people.

Self Talk

In this component it is split up into four concepts; recognising feelings, regulating feelings, regulating thoughts and self esteem.

Recognising Feelings
Students will be introduced to the idea of Feeling Faces and getting into the Green Zone and what it means when ‘your bucket is full’.
Regulating Feelings
Students will learn through guided activities how to regulate feelings and develop an understanding on how to calm the mind through Mindfulness.
Regulating Thoughts
Students will learn the importance of paying attention to negative self-talk and changing it to positive self-talk.
Self Esteem
Students will develop an understanding of the importance of using the strategies outlined in the Journal to build positive-emotions and therefore self-esteem.
In this component students will learn some important factors to maintain Wellbeing. These include Move More, Mindful Walking, Screen Vs. Nature, Mindful Observation in Nature, Sleep Enough, Mindful Colouring, Eat Well and mor
Lastly, students will learn the importance of Goal Setting. To develop such an understanding they will create a Vision Board and a Reflection and Action Chart

Wellbeing Warriors Badge

Students who are apart of the Wellbeing Warriors will be given a badge to be sewn onto their Woodland Grove hat. This badge identifies these students are Peer Mediators where other students can confide in them with other difficulties that they may be having in the playground.

R.I.C.I The Racehorse

R.I.C.I represents for our school values; Respect, Inclusivity, Courage and Integrity. Designed and created by James Terry and Skylah Hart from the Woodland Grove Wellbeing Warriors.