Winter Uniforms

Blog Week 1 – 28 April, 2017

Welcome back Woodland Grove families,

Term 2

As we have said goodbye to some of our families at the end of last term we say a BIG welcome to our new families who start with us this term.

At Woodland Grove Primary School we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive school. Please do not hesitate to come and see your class teacher or one of our Associate Principals if you have any queries.

Student wellbeing is important to us to ensure school is a happy and safe place for all. If there is anything happening for your child or children let your class teacher know so he/she can support you and your child as needed.

Dress Code

Our Student Dress Code is one way in which we promote a sense of community, identity and safety for all students. Our aim is to establish a climate that is supportive, non-discriminatory, equitable and safe. Having a standard Dress Code helps us to achieve this goal.

Winter Uniforms

As the weather is cooling off and our winter uniform stock is in there is an expectation that children will be dressed in our winter uniform by the end of next week. This should give our families time to purchase jackets, long sleeved polo shirts and long pants as required.

We also have our hats in stock so children will be expected to be in school hats by the end of next week as well. 
Please note that different coloured long sleeved skivvies are not accepted as part of our uniform.

Following is a link to our website and particulars about our dress code.

Dress code – Uniform

I am really looking forward to working with you all this term. In particular I am looking forward to getting to know our wonderful school community a bit more. So far you have been great and I am sure our relationship will continue to grow.

Enjoy your week.