School Psychologist

Our School Psychologist service is delivered by Fiona Munro.

Fiona is an experienced School Psychologist and works in tandem with staff, students and parents and/or caregivers. 

My name is Fiona Munro and I am an Education Psychologist who works collaboratively with the staff of Woodland Grove. My role involves helping children succeed academically, socially, behaviourally and emotionally at school. I work in partnership with staff, parents, external agencies and other professionals to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments for all students. I have expertise in psychology, child development and as a qualified teacher, have a particular interest in learning difficulties. 

I currently work 2 days per week and during this time I meet with parents, observe students in the classroom, complete individual assessments and provide strategies to teachers to support student learning and engagement. 

If you have a concern about your child at school, the first step is to talk to their classroom teacher. If more support is required they will then refer the child to the schools learning support coordinator or myself depending upon the needs of the child. All services are offered in consultation with parents and I must gain parent or guardian consent to work with your child.

For more information please contact us here.