School Chaplain

Chaplaincy at Woodland Grove Primary School

Our Chaplaincy service is led by Raelene Steven while Talitha Linley is on maternity leave. Raelene is available for guidance and counselling to students, teachers and the wider WGPS community.

“Working at Woodland Grove has been a great opportunity to be surrounded by staff and children that are really enthusiastic about the learning journey. I have tried to help add to this journey, by forming as many relationships as I can with the children and staff at Woodland Grove, through programs and seeing students.

It is my belief that your child’s education should have three partners; the student, parent and school. However, for a successful outcome we must care for the emotional, social and physical wellbeing, which is where I believe the Chaplaincy Service at Woodland Grove comes in. I believe a brain ready for learning needs to be fed and watered with as much support to achieve maximum learning.”

To book an appointment with Raelene please contact her here.