While our library maintains the traditional library connections and is a place that welcomes reading and relaxation, it also offers our WGPS children the chance to grow their imagination and creativity.

Our Librarian Mrs Bosma creates visual journeys and places for students to be tucked away, immersing their minds into their next big adventure. Here at WGPS, our library houses more than just fiction and non-fiction collections, but resources our students and teachers alike can use in their everyday lessons and educational journey. 



Each year our Librarian welcomes events such as the Book Fair and coordinates reading initiatives such as the MS Readathon. While in previous years WGPS families and community members could visit the library to view the Book Fair, this year it will be completely online. 

Book Fair Items and Prices

The Book Fair will be at WGPS until Thursday the 27th of August.

Below are the novelty items and associated prices available this year. To purchase them please see the information below.

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Book Fair Purchase Information

Students will have the chance to visit the Book Fair during the week and fill out a wishlist. To view the brochure, see below here:


To purchase and collect items, first you need to process the payment online, followed by downloading and filling out the Book Fair order form to be returned to our front administration. Our Librarian will put your items together and notify your child when they’re ready for collection. Don’t forget to include your receipt number in the form. If the Book Fair does not have your item in stock Mrs Bosma will order it in for you.