At Woodland Grove Primary School all students from Kindergarten to Year Six have the opportunity to borrow library books to encourage and develop a love of books and reading.

Borrowing books from the library on a weekly basis encourages children to explore a wide range of topics, subjects and genres. It also fosters the responsibility of looking after the books in their care and remembering to return or renew their books every week.

See here for Woodland Grove Primary School’s Library homepage where you can explore all of our available resources.

Borrowing Guidelines

All students must have a suitable library bag in order to borrow. A waterproof bag is ideal as sometimes drink bottles can spill in their backpacks and cause damage to the books.

All books are loaned on a weekly basis. Students may renew their books twice if they have not finished reading their book.

Teachers will receive a list of students with overdue books and overdue reminders will be sent home with students.

Students with overdue books do not have to wait until their library session to return their book/s. they may place their overdue books in the returns box in the Library before or after school.

Borrowing is not permitted whilst a student has an overdue book/s. An invoice payment or replacement will be sent home. Borrowing is not permitted until the invoice is paid or a new copy replacement has been provided.

If a book is damaged whilst on loan to a student, an invoice will be sent home. Again, borrowing is not permitted until the invoice is paid or a new copy replacement has been provided.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a volunteer group of parents who give up their time to offer support and help to our Library. Some of this support includes:

  • Running Book Club and Book Fairs
  • Covering books
  • Barcoding and stamping new resources
  • Laminating and making new resources
  • Setting up displays

If you would like to be a part of the Friends of the Library program please enquire with Mrs Bosma.