Learning at Home Spaces

Setting up the Space

As we get into the routine of Learning at Home there are some things our families might like to consider when setting up a space for learning at home.

Most families will not have the luxury of lots of space to dedicate to learning at home. Don’t worry, you can use the corner of a room or be totally flexible with fold up chairs and tables, or a lap table for learning time. Some of our families are dedicating the end of the kitchen table or bench for learning with a table cloth to show which space is for learning and which is for other activities. You may consider setting up a learning box which has all your child’s learning resources in it, and so when it is learning time the box comes out. Equally when the learning is finished the box is packed neatly away under the bed or in a corner of the house.

The most important thing is to show how much you care about education by dedicating time and space that is the same every day. A specific routine is key.

Remove Distractions

After you have dedicated a space for learning at home the next thing to do is to remove distractions. Toys, supplies and other objects can be distracting for children. A learning space that is free of clutter will help your child to focus on the learning.


In order to spend the maximum amount of time learning children need to be comfortable. Consider the needs of your child in his/her learning space. Children may like to lie on the couch to read a book. Some children may like a weighted blanket if they are feeling stressed. You know your child best and what may help him/her to maximise learning time.


Make sure your child’s learning space is well lit, however don’t be surprised if he/she prefers more muted lighting. Natural light is best for learning.


The more books you have in your house the better. Children learn best in houses with lots of books. If you need more books you can join our local Mundijong Library online and access their ebook collection,  https://serpentine.spydus.com/. If you need help with this please do not hesitate to contact us at school here or with a simple phone call – 08 9526 4000 and ask to speak to our Technical Support Officer.


It is important to make the learning space in your home a motivating and stimulating place for your child to learn. Some great ways to do this include hanging posters and pictures that promote positive message. This may include; a world map, a numbers poster a positive message about learning. Your child will have some ideas about how he/she would like the space to look. It is a wonderful way to work with your child and help him/her set up his/her special place for learning.


The most important thing is to relax and enjoy this time with your child/ren. We are all in this together and learning how to do school at home through distance education. At Woodland Grove we really appreciate your feedback so do not hesitate to let us know how you are feeling and what is working for you and what is frustrating.