At Woodland Grove Primary School we understand that students thrive in a learning environment that is welcoming, inclusive, collaborative and caring.

Dress Code

Our Student Dress Code is one way in which we promote a sense of community, identity and safety for all students. Our aim is to establish a climate that is supportive, non- discriminatory, equitable and safe and having a standard Dress Code helps us to achieve this goal.

Honouring our school Dress Code strengthens pride in our school and promotes a positive image. Our uniform identifies our students ensuring their safety throughout the school day and whilst on excursions and is intended to reduce peer pressure for students and families by alleviating issues of competition and purchasing of expensive brand name clothing.

Policy – Woodland Grove Primary School students are required to adhere to the dress requirements outlined in this dress code.

The School Uniform colours are purple, black, ochre and teal. Appropriate items include;

  • School shorts or skorts, black with purple piping and the school logo.
  • Black track pants or micro-fibre pants with purple piping and the school logo.
  • Woodland Grove Primary School polo shirt (short sleeved or long sleeved).
  • Woodland Grove Primary School jacket.
  • Woodland Grove Primary School rugby jumper.
  • Woodland Grove Primary School dress
  • Woodland Grove Primary School faction shirts (Faction Fridays, timetabled Physical Education days and Carnivals only)
  • Woodland Grove Primary School hat. (Must leave class with hat on at all times)
  • Footwear – Predominantly black shoes appropriate for physical education and sport.
  • White ankle socks or black tights.
  • Hair must be tied back, neat and tidy, off the face, natural in tone and style
  • Headbands must be black or purple in colour.

Only the following jewellery items are permitted:

  • Simple studs or sleeper earrings
  • One unobtrusive finger ring
  • Simple linked necklace with small pendant
  • One wrist watch

Items NOT permitted

School Dress Code does not include the following items. As such they should NOT be worn to school:

  • Makeup and coloured nail polish are not permitted. (Students will be required to remove this)
  • Fingernails must be kept short for safety reason
  • Hair must not be brightly coloured or mohawked etc
  • Denim (including jeans).
  • Caps are not to be worn at school.
  • Snap pants, Leggings etc
  • Thongs – except on medical grounds accompanied by a note from parent/caregiver or during swimming lessons.
  • No temporary hair colours except for sports carnivals or excessive hair adornments.
  • Large earrings, spacer ear rings etc.
  • For safety reasons, other visible body piercings are not permitted.
  • No excessive or valuable jewellery for safety and security reasons
  • No brand names or inappropriate slogans or logos larger than 50mm in diameter on clothing.