Dress Code


Sports, Excursions, Incursions Clothing 

If attending a school excursion, all students are expected to wear approved school uniform. Students arriving at school without the approved uniform will be expected to wear items of clean clothing provided by the school or remain at school and not participate in the excursion. 

Students representing our school at sporting carnivals and activities are to wear our school team uniform where necessary e.g. soccer/football guernsey, netball bibs etc. 

Casual Days 

Casual days are held to support community fundraising activities. Students are expected to wear neat, casual clothing in accordance with our Sun Smart policy and safety requirements allowing them to fully participate in the daily educational activities e.g. enclosed sports shoes. 

Purchasing School Dress Code Items 

All school Dress Code items can be purchased from our uniform supplier, Permapleat at the school uniform shop in “The Arena” (Covered Assembly Block located at the back of the school).

Issues of financial hardship may be discussed with the Principal. 


Year 6 Students 

Each year the senior students have an opportunity to purchase Year 6 shirts which may be personalised and unique to all graduating students in that year. The Year 6 class teacher will negotiate with students and the Principal on the annual design, which will adhere to our school dress code and colours. 


Parents: All parents will receive a copy of this policy and it will be included in the enrolment package. 

Parents will be expected to purchase a hat and clothing for the child’s use in school activities. Issues of financial hardship may be discussed with the Principal. 

All staff will support the student dress code and will take appropriate action in relation to any willful and persistent breach of the Dress Code. Staff will identify students not wearing appropriate clothing and will contact parents either by phone or letter. Staff will keep a record of communication and action taken to ensure compliance with the policy. Teachers give out letters of non-compliance (see proforma) signed by Adminstration if students do not follow the Dress Code and if there is no exemption in place. 

School Dress Compliance 

When students arrive for school in clothing that does not comply with the School Dress Code:

  • Contact will be made with the parent/caregiver, by phone and/or by letter by a member of leadership staff. 
  • The student will then be offered a spare school top, which they will be expected to wear for the school day and will need to return prior to being dismissed in the afternoon
  • Families who are having difficulty obtaining the school uniform should feel free to discuss this confidentially with the Principal or Deputy Principals. 
  • Families will be provided with assistance and support by the school where necessary. 
  • Depending upon activities undertaken students may be required to remove jewellery during the duration of an activity. The safe keeping of these items remains the responsibility of the student. 

The Foundation Steering Committee endorses the policy, and any review or future changes will need to be ratified by the School Board.