Voluntary Contributions

These amounts are paid to the school to support the education program of the school.

The total amount of Voluntary School Contributions parents and carers are being asked to pay is $60.00 per student. This equates to approximately $1.50 per week.

While Contributions are voluntary, the quality of our teaching and learning program will be maximised when each family contributes to the cost of supplementing funding gained from other sources, including the State and Commonwealth governments. The contribution will be used to support programs in a number of learning areas. 

These areas and costs involved are outlined below: 

  • Library Resource – books/resources 
  • Literacy resources (eg. supplementary reading books) 
  • Mathematics and Science resources 
  • Physical Education resources 
  • Information Technology resources 
  • Performing and Visual Arts materials 


This amount can vary from year to year and from class to class. Download a breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in excursions/in-school activities for 2024.

Download the 2024 Voluntary Contributions & Charges here

The amounts indicated represent the maximum charged for scheduled activities in 2024. Students can only participate if they have parental permission and have paid the charge. This amount could cover the following activities: Visiting performers, in-school activities, excursions, etc

Personal use items 

The cost for these items will vary from student to student. This list covers items of a personal nature, i.e. pens/pencils/scrapbooks, etc. Parents may purchase these items from their chosen retailer or use the nominated school supplier Byford Newsagency/Campion. The school receives a small commission from the supplier for each order received. If you wish your order to be processed by Byford Newsagency/Campion, please complete the Personal Use Items List relevant to your child.

Extra cost options 

This covers other school activities that are generally of a non-curriculum nature. These vary from student to student and costs will be advised at the time of the activity/event. They include but are not limited to Scholastic Book Club, School Uniform, School Photographs. 


Payment of Voluntary School Contributions and Charges can be paid at the commencement of the school year at the school office by cash, cheque (payable to Woodland Grove Primary School). 

EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities are available for payments. Payment can also be paid into the school bank account directly, account details are:

BSB: 633000

Bank Account number: 158 224 964 

Using your eldest child’s name and activity as the reference. 

Other amounts listed need to be paid to the class teacher/front office or placed in the school drop boxes using our money collection envelope as they arise throughout the school year. Parents will be notified of these events.

Should you have an enquiry relating to the Voluntary School Contributions and Charges information please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9526 4000.