Internet Security and Filtering

Security – Online and Offline

The Department of Education has its own security measures that can help keep your child safe while in its network at school. You may also have your own security software at home.

Here is a short clip that can help to add another layer of security/control over your child’s device: 

If you wish to seek further information, follow Surf Online Safe on Facebook by clicking here.

eSafety Hub

The eSafety Commissioner has introduced a new national online safety hub. The hub includes online safety material for parents and young people, online safety issues the community is concerned about, resources and guidance in your preferred language. 

If you would like more information click here to access the eSafety Hub.

Internet Filtering

There are many different ways that parents can block or filter internet access on devices. Listed below are some of the free and paid options that are available.

Free Applications

  • Screen Time is a function Apple introduced with the iOS 12 update. It always parents to set restrictions, for example as shown in the above video. It also allows parents to set restrictions to app usage. For more information on how to set it up please click here.
  • Open DNS provides a free pre-configured Domain Name Server (DNS) which can be used to block and filter your internet at home. A step-by-step guide on how to configure this can be found here


Paid Applications

  • Net Nanny is an internet filter which monitors social media, masks profanity, controls web based time allocation and blocks explicit images and videos. It is compatible with both Android and iOS Devices. For more information click here to visit the website. For a review on Net Nanny please click here.
  • Norton Family offers a range of parental control and monitoring features, through showing parents what their child is doing online. It offers services such as location tracking and web-filtering. While the app can be used for both iOS and Android devices, not all services, such as text message monitoring, are available for iOS devices. For more information click here for the website. For a review on Norton Family please click here.

For more information please the school here.