Swimming Term 4 online form

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I have read and understood the information regarding Interm Swimming Lessons from the 5th December to the 15th December 2017 and give consent for my child to attend.

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The following details have changed from those recorded on my child's medical information form.

OPTION: Download a copy of the PDF file form, fill in and return to school. 

Payment of swimming lessons can be paid by ……… at the school office by cash, cheque (payable to Woodland Grove Primary School). 

EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities are available for payments. Payment can also be paid into the school bank account directly, account details are:

BSB: 633000

Bank Account number: 158 224 964 

Using your eldest childs name and activity as the reference. 

Should you have an enquiry relating to swimming lessons please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9526 4000.