Schools Hours and attendance

Students are not permitted in the school grounds prior to 8.15am unless given permission by the Principal.

Students should be picked up by 2.30pm but no later than 3.40pm each school day. Between 8.15 – 8.30am students should prepare for the day’s activities. 

8.00 am – Office open

8.15 am – Classrooms open

8.30am – Lessons commence

10.40am to 11.00am – Recess

12.50pm to 1pm – Supervised lunch

1.30pm – Lessons

2.30 pm – End of school day

3.30pm – Office closes

Absence from school

We ask for your fullest co-operation in seeing that your child attends school each day. Absence from school places hardship on the pupil. It is not necessary to telephone the school to notify absences. A written note explaining an absence is required.

Under Department of Education regulations, absence from school should be for illness, or medical or dental appointments.

Absences for all other purposes are generally discouraged. Students are expected to attend school for the entire day 8.30 am – 2.30 pm.