School lunches

Woodland Grove Primary School has a canteen facility.

Please download our Canteen menu here

Our canteen is open for recess and lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parents/Caregivers can confidently send their child/ren to school knowing their choices from the canteen will be good ones.

We offer healthy, wholesome, home cooked food. Following a traffic light system of Green, Amber, Red our school canteen operates on an above 70% green rating. Lots of fruit, vegetables make up most of the daily menu.

Exposing children to a wide variety of healthy food is a good grounding for their food choices later in life. Our canteen aims to promote healthy food choices.

Recess and lunch can be ordered before 9am on Tuesday and Thursday. Food will be available from the canteen window, but not a full menu.
There will be yummy daily specials and also a yummy lunch extra most days.

If you would like to volunteer to help out in the canteen, we would love to see you. It can be as many times as you like. An hour or a full day, your children will love to see you helping out.

Try these healthy food and drink choices. When making lunches at home:

  • include bread, wholegrains, rice, pasta or noodles (try wholegrain for extra goodness)
  • include reduced fat milk, cheese or yoghurt
  • include some meat, fish, chicken, eggs
  • go for 2 (fruit) and 5 (vegetables).

Some lunch ideas:

  • sandwiches, rolls or wraps
  • quiche
  • mini pizza with cheese and vegetable toppings.

For more information about tips on healthy food and drinks visit: