School Lunches

School Canteen

From Term 4 we will see new management of our school canteen. The lovely ladies from Scrumptious Sugar and Spice, Terri and Susan, will be operating out of our canteen from Tuesday to Thursday. 

About Scrumptious Sugar and Spice

We are 2 mums who are passionate about turning our “fresh & local” produce into healthy tasty meals for kids…

Our motto is each & every meal freshly cooked, prepared and assembled on the day its served.

The canteen will be taking orders via QuickCliq and window sales will not be available in the morning. Students, however, can purchase items  during Lunch and Recess.

To view instructions on how to set up a QuickCliq account follow the link below.

If you have a food allergy or special requirement please inform the canteen before you order.

Last order is at 11.59 pm daily on QuickCliq.

Below is the menu for Term 4.

Healthy Food & Drink – Department of Education

The Department of Education introduced a Healthy Food and Drink Policy and Procedures in 2007. This policy applies to food and drinks served by public schools canteens, as well as environments where the Principal is directly responsible for the supply of food and drinks (Department of Education, 2019). 

Here at Woodland Grove, we have worked with our previous canteen and now Baked in Byford to ensure we offer healthy and wholesome food. The Department of Education recommend following a traffic light system of Green, Amber and Red (Department of Education, 2019). Our school canteen aims operate on an above 70% green rating.

Healthy Food and Drink Public Schools Policy, 2018 

Our canteen aims to promote healthy food choices, as exposing children to a wide variety of healthy food is a good grounding for their food choices later in life. 

If you would prefer to make lunches at home, when doing so try these healthy food and drink choices:

  • include bread, wholegrains, rice, pasta or noodles (try wholegrain for extra goodness)
  • include reduced fat milk, cheese or yoghurt
  • include some meat, fish, chicken, eggs
  • go for 2 (fruit) and 5 (vegetables).

Some lunch ideas:

  • sandwiches, rolls or wraps
  • quiche
  • mini pizza with cheese and vegetable toppings.

For more information about tips on healthy food and drinks visit: