Communicable Diseases

See attached below the Communicable Disease Guidelines provided by the Department of Health.

Communicable Disease Guidelines

For more information on preventative strategies please visit Staying Healthy in Child Care. This is a government publication that provides information about the management of a range of common childhood diseases.

School Health Nurse

Here at Woodland Grove we have a school nurse, Kate Carter, who provides us with regular visits and consultations. 

Message From the School Health Nurse


Is your Child attending Kindergarten?

The National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) recommends that children attending Kindy have the following booster immunisations:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough) and Poliomyelitis (one vaccine).
  • All medically at risk children – Pneumovax 23
  • And any other WA scheduled or catch up vaccinations.

Your child can have these immunisations from 4 years of age.

To book an appointment please phone Central Immunisation Clinic on 6151 1308.

Please provide the school with an updated copy of your child’s immunisation record, once 4 year old vaccinations are completed. This can be obtained from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. Phone 1800 653 809 or visit

If a measles case occurs in a school, the Principal has the right to exclude non-immunised children from school for 14 days, or longer.


Head lice outbreaks occur frequently in primary schools during the school year. The Department of Health recommends the following method of treatment:

  • 10 day Hair Conditioner treatment

If you do use “over the counter” Head Lice treatments, they must be applied and then repeated as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Parents’ can assist in the prevention and control of head lice by checking their children’s hair frequently using the hair conditioner method and treating appropriately when necessary. Friday is a good day to check hair as treatment can be commenced over the weekend, if needed, and no school time is then lost.

For more information please see and search head lice. Please contact your School Health Nurse if you require further advice on head lice management.


Please advise the school if your child has a medical condition that may require treatment during school hours. A health care plan will need to be completed / updated by your GP and provided to school.

Kate can be contacted via the school or through her email