Important notices

Good afternoon Woodland Grove families,

Important information:

We have a school development day on Tuesday 07 March which is a pupil free day.

We have half day school closure for parent meetings on 15 and 16 March.

Our website calendar has the 1/2 day school closures and will be updated with the school development day.

We will have photographers in on 28 February and 02 March to take student identification photos.

These photos are used for our internal student information system. Formal school photos will be taken later in the year.

Our P&C began their work today by voting in office bearers. 
Congratulations to:

President – Kerry Visser
Vice Presdent – Naomi Cooper
Secretary – Chelsea Versaico
Treasurer – Jacinda Brand

We also have a number of people who nominated for our Executive Committee. Once P&C have collated the names they will let you know who they are. The session with our WACSSO representative was really valuable. WACSSO will be back in a few weeks to run a session to help P&C establish protocols etc.

P&C is intending to have an evening meeting once a term and to change the days so that most people can attend.

Our meeting was very positive with lots of good ideas to progress our school and make it better for our children. Thank you to all involved.

Children are continuing to work on our core values across the school. They have been discovering the importance of behavior expectations associated with our values and living up to them. Well done. Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Inclusivity, and
  • Courage

Enjoy your weekend.
See you all next week.