School Communication

Communication is integral to a high functioning school and building positive relationships with families and the wider community. In order for effective and appropriate communication to occur, here at WGPS we use a variety of different spaces to do so. All choices have been given careful consideration to ensure appropriateness and usefulness. Below features are list of each platform, what they are and their use within our school. 


Our website contains a lot of valuable information, including an application to contact us quickly and easily through email. We have links to our Uniform Shop, Dress Code and Calendar along with a lot of other important information. Our blog is also posted here at the beginning of the week. We encourage you to get familiar with our website as it will continue to be updated.


This page is used primarily to post information on upcoming events, all school information, and links to our weekly Blog post. We do not use our Facebook page to answer enquiries as it is not monitored closely enough and messages get lost too easily. We encourage general enquiries to go through our website here.


Our mobile Connect application allows us to provide families with whole school information, events and reminders. Our weekly Blog will be posted on Connect with a link to our website. Most of you will be familiar with School Bag or School Stream. Connect is similar and is provided by the Department of Education. You can read more information on Connect, including in different dialects here.


At Woodland Grove Primary School, all classes will be using an app called Seesaw. Seesaw will allow the students to create a digital portfolio that will capture their learning journey as it is taking place in the classroom. This app empowers students to independently document their learning by uploading photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. It also gives families an immediate and personalised window into their child’s learning each day. Parents are notified when content is uploaded to their child’s profile making it easy to observe their progress and development throughout the school year.

The Seesaw app enables WGPS staff and students to post videos, photos and links to individual portfolios of each child’s learning. Access to your child’s individual portfolio will be private and only accessible through a password protected parent account. The class Seesaw account will be password protected and moderated by the classroom teacher. Your child’s Seesaw class can be accessed by parents or relatives in your child’s class and may at times include group photos of the students. We are seeking permission for your child to appear on the app in these group photos.

The app is not available for public viewing and will ONLY be accessible through the password protected accounts in each class.

This year we are using an online form to attain your permission for group photos. You will need to complete all mandatory fields pertaining to each child in your family that are enrolled here at Woodland Grove Primary School from Kindergarten to Year 6.

If you have more than one child at Woodland Grove Primary School you will need to select “yes” for the last question and fill out the form again for each child.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school here or at administration.


Parents and/or caregivers wishing to contact a classroom teacher must do so through the WGPS email located on the school website, which can be accessed here. Emails will be replied to within the school hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm.


Phone calls will be made home where Administration, classroom Teacher an/or Associate Principal see fit. For example behaviour, medical or appointments. The person first on the contact list of student will be phoned followed by the next person if in the event the first is unreachable.


If you do not have access to a computer and you would like a copy of our weekly blog sent to you, please let us know by emailing our administration team at We will also ensure you receive important whole school information as it comes up.