Blog 6, 2020

Halogen Youth Leaders Day

This week the Year 6 leaders had to opportunity to attend the Halogen Youth Leaders Day. During this day they heard from prominent leaders from various industries. These leaders included John Coutis, Eamon Sullivan, Danna Hooker and Lachie Smart. Days like this are a great opportunity for our school leaders to hear from experts in their field and draw inspiration from their success. We encourage our leaders to pull ideas from these days and form their own beliefs on what makes a great leader. It is also always pleasing to see how each and every student carries the school values of Respect, Integrity, Courage and Inclusivity. They wear our school colours with pride and always make Woodland Grove proud.

National Ride2School Day

What a spooky day we had with all the fantastic dress ups kids wore on our active transport day. We had an incredible response to National Ride2School Day today and loved seeing all the smiling faces roll, scoot and walk into school today. Today was a great way to remind ourselves to get active and to seek alternative transport to school.

We have had new scooter racks installed a few weeks ago and encourage students to fill them up!

Thank you to Mr Bird and Mr Higgs for coordinating today’s event and to all the teachers who volunteered their time to go down to each meeting point to meet students.

New Play Equipment

We have put out new play equipment for the children to enjoy on the grass between office and library. It was lovely to see small groups of children from different age groups encouraging each other and enjoying the equipment.

Serpentine-Jarrahdale Nightfields

See below for a community event being held every Wednesday afternoon.