Blog 6, 2019




From the Principal’s desk                    

3 Way Interviews

Wow. We have had a great turn out for our 3 Way Interviews. It is wonderful way to get to know your child’s teacher and understand his/her progress and educational needs. Remember if you ever want to speak to a teacher send an email through our website, and time can be set aside for you to have a one to one converstation.

School Board
Our School Board had its first meeting last week. At this meeting there was discussion about the focus areas for School Board this year and our successes from last year. Our board is evolving and very focused on the targets set in our Business Plan and whether the school is making reasonable progress. School Board is focused on building the relationship between our community and Woodland Grove Primary School along with promoting the business of the board. At our last meeting the 2019 school budget was endorsed by the board.

This year we welcome four new staff members to School Board – Ben Gould, Briony Brown, Jen Lay and Amy Walpole. Thank you to Dahmen Higgs, Christine, Bruens and Mel Tew for their commitment to School Board last year.

We will be sending out Nomination Forms for School Board to our community shortly. Please give consideration to joining our board. It is a wonderful way to understand and influence the direction of the school. Our meetings will be held at 2pm this year and we have arranged for child care to be provided by our out of school hours provider, YMCA.

School Dog

Our school dog, Bella has been learning how to be a school dog in Mrs Mills class. Dr Vale sponsors Bella and has been giving her her vaccinations and nail trimming. Bella has learnt to wave goodbye. We are loving Bella and her integration into our school.