Blog 4, 2020


The library had its first week of borrowing this week with students being able to explore, discover and borrow books! The library is open during our lunch break everyday aside from Tuesday.


Reading can look different from class to class with one fundamental objective, to foster and grow interest and skills in reading. In TH3, Mr Gouldhas his Year 5/6 students start their guided reading session with a daily read from the teacher. My Gould says, “This is a great way for students to tune in!”. Once the book is read, each student completes a Lexile Quiz associated with the book. Lexile is a measurement tool used to match students with books that are suited to their level of reading. Once students in TH3 have completed their Lexile Quiz, they discuss the vocabulary in the book and explore characteristics of words. After this they continue with a 30-minute Guided Reading session where the students are broken into groups and complete independent activities including a “Meet the Teacher” session. This session looks at pulling the book apart and using the WGPS question hierarchy to form decisions about the author’s purpose.

This is just one example of our how reading sessions are broken down in the classroom. Next week we will look at an early years session and how our teachers construct a reading session to best suit the needs of their classroom.


Daily Affirmations

Mrs Alaga has a daily routine in her class with students creating daily affirmations. Watch the video below to hear what they have to say!

Classroom Setups

We are loving all the individualised classroom setups teachers have been busy creating this term! Pictured below is Miss Mason’s year 2 classroom and the Year 1 Wet Area space. Our Wet Area spaces are designed to allow for classroom collaboration and small group work. They can also be function as chill out areas when students need some time to themselves. I am sure you all agree that Miss Mason has created engaging learning spaces for her students to enjoy, including the reading corner filled with lots of different books!


Nurture Room

We have transformed our Medical Room into a Nurture Room. This space is designed for students who would like some time to themselves for individual one on one time with all our educators and a place to enjoy during breaks. Thank you to Ms Reynolds for setting up this room and making it so welcoming for our students.


Active Transport Survey and National Ride2School Day

Our Phys Ed teachers surveyed 476 Pre-Primary to Year 6 students on their mode of transport to school on Thursday 27th February. They found that out of those students:

  • 56% arrived via car
  • 23% Walked 
  • 21% Cycle / Scooter / Skateboard


This survey saw a behaviour change from the previous survey in November 2019 indicating the following:

  • 9% increase in driving
  • 14% decrease in walking
  • 5% decrease in cycling / scooter / skateboard

We are aiming to increase walking, cycling and scooting to school. We can start by seeing lots of students join in the fun on Ride2SchoolDay.

We try to encourage all our students to seek alternative transportation to school outside of using a car. We believe it’s important to not only reduce usage of cars where possible but to also increase active transport for the health and wellbeing of our students.

On the 13th of March it is National Ride2School Day. Join in the freaky fun on this day by riding, walking, skating or scooting to school. National Ride2School day is a perfect opportunity for students and the school community to embrace a healthier start and to try walking and riding to school for themselves. WGPS is celebrating National Ride2School Day by seeing who can ride, walk, skate or scoot to school in the spookiest costume! All students who actively travel to school will enter our spooky school raffle to win some prizes along with a best dressed award.