Blog 39, 2019

Celebration of Learning Day

We celebrated the 2019 school year with water slides, bouncy castles and more! A big thank you to our always fantastic P&C for the amount of time, effort and organisation you had put into this day. The kids loved dunking their class teacher, completing the bouncy castle tracks and sliding down the mega bouncy castle in the rain!

Nativity Play

Another wonderful Nativity Play on Tuesday night. The Year 3’s out did themselves with their performance. A BIG thank you to our wonderful Year 3 staff: Miss Bruens, Ms Bean, Miss Page, Mrs Reid, Ms Watson & Mrs Bartlett. Thank you to all who helped last night. It was a BIG effort.

Year 6 Leavers

Congratulations to our Year 6 students as they move on to their next big adventure, High School! We said farewell, but not goodbye to our Year 6s at a Leavers’ Brunch where they received a copy of the Group Graduation Photo. The Year 6s then hopped onto a bus for a lunch at the Atrium with their Teachers and Education Assistants.

We heard from one of our previous school captains, Molly Irons, on some her experiences going into high school and also what she suggests our Year 6s try to do to be as successful as they can.

Good morning and welcome to all parents, staff members, and most importantly Woodland Grove Year 6 students.  We are honoured to celebrate this day with you and not only your Year 6 year, but the time that you have been here at Woodland Grove.  It is amazing to see how you have grown in this short time.

Today is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the many ways that our Year 6 students have contributed to our school, while also celebrating the opportunities that they will have as they move on to the next phase of their education.  This is obviously an important milestone for students, families and the school.  

As the year progressed, I loved coming to visit and chatting with our Year 6 students.  Sometimes we had “pep talks” at the tables outside my office and sometimes we played games like UNO.  As principal, I have had some great conversations with kids that have helped me to understand how they were feeling and how we could help to make school better.

Looking back at your time at Woodland Grove, and on this earth, I think of all the things that have entered your life that were never in mine.  YouTube was started in 2005, Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006…the iPod was invented in 2001!  During your life, some of the most amazing innovations have happened.  I am excited to think of what YOU will create in your next years and how the things that you do, will inspire and change the world.

When I think about all of my interactions with you, and what I have seen from your intelligence, your creativity, and your amazing personalities, I wonder what innovation will come out of your passions in the future.  When I was a kid, a “leader” was one person that everyone followed.  The more we look at that word, I believe that a leader is someone who can inspire people with their passion.

You have all inspired me in some way… for example, Trenton with his love for soccer and books, Logan for his love of our library and the choir, Isabella and Maddison for sharing the importance of their culture, Arshpreet with her quiet nature and kindness, Bradley for his love of anything physical, Erin for sharing her love of horses, Cleith for his ready smile, and of course to all our School Captains who have been led by Eli and Abbey with aplomb.  I could go on about all of you, because in some way, you have inspired me to be a better principal, and more importantly a better person.

As Stephen Covey says, “Leadership is communicating a person’s value so clearly, that they see it in themselves.” I saw this in all of you every day.  Every day I see someone being kind, someone showing respect and someone being courageous. Courageous enough to say “How can I learn from that mistake. How can I learn some more?”

Everyday that I connected with you, I always walked away feeling better about myself.  Your love for life and enthusiasm inspires me. 

As you get older, and take the next step, I want you to remember the following advice.  Never give up on your passions or dreams. All too often as adults we feel we may be too old to keep pursuing our dream or that we have “adult” stuff that is more important.  There is so much we can learn from kids, and especially from you on having dreams and chasing after them.  As I continue my work here it is because of your inspiration that I continue to follow my dreams and do what I love. Love and happiness is more important than anything.

When you leave Woodland Grove continue to follow your dreams, continue to care about all of those around you, and live your life full of passion.  I know you will all create something and be great!

I wish you the best, and I will miss you all!  Best of luck and congratulations.