Blog 32, 2019

eSafety Hub

The eSafety Commissioner has put out a refreshed eSafety Hub with information on it to help individuals have safer, more positive experiences online. As technology is integrated into student learning daily at WGPS, we highly recommend taking a look at the information on the hub. There are resources for parents and kids, an eSafety guide, information concerned around key issues and more. For more information please visit our website here.

Ms Sudhakaran’s Music Room- Wizard of Oz Week 

We had a Wizard of Oz makerspace this week. Students from different classes created the characters from “The Wizard of Oz – the Musical”. They are displayed in the Music Demountable windows. I hope many students have stopped by to see the display and where the Music Demountable landed on the Wicked Witch of the East! We have also created a Yellow Brick Road in the room and the Emerald City. 

Students learnt two songs from the Wizard of Oz; “Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead” and “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”. Senior students practised the melody to “Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead” on keyboards. Some senior students tried their hand at designing a Wizard of Oz window display, dressing up in character and skipping along on the Yellow Brick Road.

Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy- Department of Education

Families would have received a letter home today explaining a new Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy. This is to take effect from Term 1 2020. The policy states that no mobile phones are to be used by students on school grounds. For more information, please visit the Department’s website here

We are currently in the process of updating our Student Mobile Phone Use Policy to reflect these changes.

Whole School Assembly

We had a very exciting guest come and present a gift to our school at our Whole School Assembly on Wednesday. Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Roux came and visited WGPS and presented her first ever signed Fremantle Dockers jumper. Roxy was Fremantle Dockers’ first draft pick at number 12. She has had a very successful year this year; from making the All Australian under 18s state team to being a part of East Fremantle Women’s Football Club premiership team. Thank you Roxy, for the special gift. Pictured with Roxy is the Mr Bird our Sport Teacher and Georgia from Kindy.

Our Block Award Winners this assembly included:

– Charlee Derick- Standardbred

– Jaielah Robertshaw- Clydesdale

– Aisha Dadwal- Stables

– Layla Macey- Brumby

– Cleith Nayda- Thoroughbred

– Emilia De Aguiar- Shetland

Our Aussie of the Month award winners include Oriana and Oliver. Oriana’s certificate read:

Oriana is a reliable and diligent class member of SH4. She consistently applies herself in all that she does and strives to be her best every day. Oriana is kind and well-mannered in her interactions with peers and teachers. She is always willing to lend a hand in the classroom and will consistently approach things with a positive outlook. Oriana is always ready to step up to a new challenge and works cooperatively with others. Congratulations!”

While the second Aussie of the Month Award was awarded to Oliver, he also asked that we recognise his two friends and fellow classmates, Caleb and Justin, for their efforts too. His award read:

Oliver has shown an exemplary attitude towards his community by raising awareness about heart disease. He is working towards organising a fund-raising day later this term that will raise funds to go towards the Heart Foundation. Heart disease has the largest impact on Australian families and Oliver has set himself the goal to raise awareness towards this important issue. We congratulate you Oliver for you time and effort you are dedicating towards this issue.”

Multicultural Day

Next Thursday 7thof November is Multicultural Day. We will be doing lots of different activities scattered throughout the day and would like to extend an invite to our Picnic Lunch. The Picnic Lunch will be held from 12:55pm to 1:30pm. For more information visit our website calendar.

Thank you to all the families who sent in their flags for display. There is still time if you want to get your flag completed over the weekend.