Blog 3, 2021

From the Principal’s Desk

Week 4

This week we had our first Whole School Assembly with a focus on Courage. Thank you to TH 1, TH 2 and TH 4 for your courageous and fabulous assembly item. It was clear at the assembly that our students are focussed and striving to achieve their personal best. BR 2 were the most exceptionally behaved class at assembly. Congratulations. You made me very proud to be the Principal at Woodland Grove.

Something that has struck me as quite wonderful this week is the fundraising efforts by our Year 6 students. Jars of delicious Passion fruit Curd and fresh passion fruits appeared in the staff room, to be purchased by staff, to help raise money for Year 6 Camp. It is amazing what our students can achieve when they have set themselves a goal. Please help our Year 6 students with their fundraising by selling as many buckets of Cookie Dough as you can.

Information for Three Way Interviews between parents, students and teachers will be made available soon. In the meantime, please make sure you have returned your Third Party User Agreement information with consent for See Saw, so that you can join your child’s class and see the exciting learning taking place each week.

We are very lucky to have teaching students from Murdoch University with us at the moment. These students are completing their practical component for becoming teachers. They will be with us for the entire year and we are very excited to have Miss Davis, Miss Wyeth and Miss Norcliffe at our school. It is very exciting to be able to showcase the wonderful teaching practice we have at Woodland Grove to help develop the teachers of the future!

Finally, thank you to our community for walking around the building works area for our new sandpit. We understand it is hot and you are walking a little further from the main gate. We can’t wait until the area is finished for our children. 

As always our teachers are interested in hearing from you. If you would like to get in contact with your child’s classroom teacher, please use the link for our website for your enquiries.


On Tuesday our wonderful P&C put on some breakfast snacks and tea for parents as they went to and from their parent meetings. This was a great opportunity for our community to get to know our P&C Committee, what they do and what they have planned for the year. On our P&C Committee we have:

  • President: Mrs Dee Mguni
  • Vice President: Ms Ramone Glasgow
  • Secretary: Frances Reinsma
  • Treasurer: Daniel Green


Don’t forget to check in with our website calendar regularly to stay up to date with what’s happening in the school.

Some of these events include:
1st March – Labour Day Holiday
2nd March – DanceSport begins
8th March – 3-Way Interviews
12th March – BSSA Summer Carnival

While we try our best to limit changes to our scheduled events, our website calendar is our source of truth and we encourage our families and community to use this calendar.