Blog 3, 2019




From the Principal’s desk


Our P&C had its Annual General Meeting this morning.

Congratulations to our office bearers for 2019. I look forward to working with you and the P&C to make our school the best it can be.

  • Ramone Glascow – President
  • Casey Perham – Vice President
  • Nicole Cunnold – Treasurer
  • Chelsea Versaico – Secretary

I would like to thank our previous President, Vice President and Treasurer for their hard work and support for our school. Kerry Visser, Kirby Scari and Jacinda Swain respectively have all contributed immensley to the success of Woodland Grove Primary School. They began working with us in 2016 when we were operating out of Byford Secondary School and were instrumental in establishing our Steering Committee. This committee worked tirelessly to connect with our prospecitve community and make decisions including; the name of our school, our uniform, our logo and lots and lots of book covering.

Our P&C can be very proud of its achievements under the stewardship of Kerry, Jacinda, Kirby and Chelsea. We have a wonderful shade over our playground, we have a canteen and some wonderful events such as Colour Run and the Easter raffle established. The P&C Outreach program gives 10% of P&C profits to the school to help families in need. This has meant that we have been able to provide uniforms, books and support excursions for children who may not have access to these opportunities.

3 Way Interviews

3 Way Interviews are a wonderful opportunity for you to get a great understanding of how your child is going at school. Information about how to book your interview will be coming out next week. Please note that we have 2 half day closures on our school calendar on the 13th and 14th March. School Board have approved our school day beginning at 11.30am on both these days.

Kindergarten Timetable
An updated Kindergarten Timetable went out on Connect today. A hard copy will be going home on Monday. Please note the change on Tuesday 5th of March, this is now a Kindy Teal day to attend school. You can also refer to the Timetable on the website by clicking on this link

Our iPads in Action