Blog 26, 2018




From the Principal’s desk

Book Week dress up
What a fantastic turn out for our Book Week dress up day, the theme was ‘Find Your Treasure’. It was really enjoyable this week to take the opportunity to celebrate children’s literature.
There were Princesses, Where’s Wallys, Willy Wonkas, Pirates, Three Little Pigs, Smurfs, Gangsta Grannys and many many more. Thank you to Julie Bosma, Chelsea Versaico, Lisa Miller and many other volunteers for all their help in setting up the Library for this year’s Book Week.

Loose Parts Play
The last few weeks we have been accepting donations of loose parts. Donations have included, old keyboards, telephones, flexible hoses, spools and wheels, and PVC pipes. We have introduced the loose parts to our playground and our children’s imaginations have run wild. We are still accepting donations of loose parts. Please place your donations in the selected bins near the staff room.

BYOD Information Session

The BYOD Information Packs will be sent home with the children who were not represented at the last Information Session. An additional form will be included outlining another two session times which will be presented around the BYOD. If you are able to attend one of these, please indicate on the form and return with your child. Alternatively, you may wish to arrange an appointment with Mr Higgs or Mrs Mottershead to discuss. We are aware that our session times will not suit all and that meeting with Mr Higgs or Mrs Mottershead may be a challenge. In that case, a call or an email to is an option.

NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test (SRT)
NAPLAN online will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. Your child’s results will be returned to the school faster, within a few weeks rather than a few months.
Year 3 and Year 5 students will be sitting a NAPLAN Online trial test on Monday 27/08/2018 from 8.30 until 10.40. The test itself will only take 45 minutes. The Year 5’s will do a second assessment on Wednesday 29/08/2018 for Writing. This assessment will take 42 minutes.
Participating in this trial is important as it will help us ensure we have adequate internet connectivity, and whether students have access to sufficient number of devices for NAPLAN Online testing. During the trial, our teachers will have the opportunity to practice managing the classroom logistics for an online assessment and the new test administration processes.
The readiness test has not been constructed to assess curriculum knowledge, but rather to provide students with an opportunity to experience the types of questions that will be included in the new online assessments. As such, reports will not be provided.
Participation in the SRT is a key step to ensuring a successful NAPLAN online experience in 2019.

Junior and Senior Assemblies
Thank you to all the parents and family members who have been attending each week. We are so proud of our students, particularly our Student Councillors who host the assemblies each week.
Junior and Senior Assemblies take place in Weeks 1-4 and Weeks 6-9 each term. The Junior assembly starts at 2.10pm on a Wednesday and the Senior is at 2.00pm on a Tuesday. Each assembly is held in The Arena.

Father’s Day Stall
The Father’s Day Stall will take place next Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you to the P&C for arranging this. A timetable has been sent out and is also on the Morning Boards of each classroom outlining when your child’s class will attend. The price of gifts ranges from 50c to $8.