Blog 20, 2019




From the Principal’s desk

Celebrating Community
We are really lucky at Woodland Grove to have an amazingly supportive community.  This week we have had lots of visitors from our community providing some wonderful learning opportunities for our children. Below are some of the experiences children have been involved in with our community this week.

Follow the Dream
Students from the Follow the Dream program at Byford Secondary College worked with our children to build awareness of Aboriginal culture. This was a special opportunity for our Aboriginal students to share their story. The day was completed with a dance performed by Byford Secondary students that included Woodland Grove children. A big thank you to Byford Secondary and Mr Higgs for organising this special day for our school.

Fire Truck Visit
On Thursday we had Fireman John and Fireman Toby come in with their local fire truck to show the K/PP classes. Children had a lot of fun having a go with the fire hoses and learning about how to be a fireman.

Mr Giles came in on Thursday to share his talent as a didgeridoo player. Not only did children learn about how a didgeridoo is made and the instrument’s history they were also able to appreciate some truly remarkable music. I cannot thank Mr Giles enough for sharing his skills and knowledge with us.

P&C Canteen
Our P&C is full of amazing volunteers who give their time to make school an even better place for children. P&C have worked tirelessly to set up a fully functioning canteen. Sally Stanley our wonderful canteen manager is leaving Woodland Grove at the end of this term. We thank Sally form the bottom of our hearts for her work and the wonderful meals she has produced for children at our school.

Canteen will be open on Thursday only next term until further notice. Information about the menu will be sent out early next term. The P&C along with the school will run a tender process next term for a private individual to run the canteen. If you are interested in taking over the running of the canteen you will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest early in Term 3.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Day – KATE Day
Cowboy and Cowgirl Day was a great success. Children had a lot of fun dressing up and dancing to some very cool cowboy/girl songs. It was with some sadness that we said goodbye to three staff members at this morning’s assembly; Meghan McGoldrick, Kate Ayers and Luke Jones.

  • Meghan is going to be working with a team within the Department of Education that supports schools.
  • Kate is moving on to working in agriculture, and
  • Luke is planning to travel.

Thank you to all of you for your commitment to Woodland Grove. You will be missed.

Welcome to Gavin Poole in Year 4, Fiona Blakely in Year 1/2 and Julie Dines our new MCS.

Kate worked with me when we set up Woodland Grove. Some of you will remember her from our initial parent meetings and enrolment days. Kate said she wanted a Cowgirl/boy Day from the very beginning as our school has been built on a horse and cow paddock. In Kate’s honour as our very first Manager Corporate Services the last day of Term 2 will be re-named KATE Day:

  • K – Kindness
  • A – Achievement
  • T – Teamwork
  • E – Excellence

Woodland Grove Talent Show 2019

Congratulations to our finalists
Zara, Zeenya, Amelia, Abigail, Tinity, Faith, Codey, Beau, Logan, Matilda, Ella, Lillee & Elizabeth

Congratulations to our winners Matilda, Ella & Lillee, Woodland Grove really has talent.

I would like to personally thank our equally talented music teachers Mrs Sudhakaran, and Ms Easton. Well done to all on a wonderful talent show.

Wishing all our families a safe and happy holiday. See you all in Term 3.