Blog 20, 2018



From the Principal’s desk

 Cowboy and Cowgirl Day
A great day was had by all for Cowgirl and Cowboy Day. Lots of interesting dress ups. Today was a celebration of our term. We achieved a lot, from swimming lessons to Cross Country and all the learning in between. A BIG thank you to our children, our staff and last but not least our wonderful community. I look forward to seeing you all at the start of Term 3 on Monday 16th July.

Student Reports
Student Reports were posted today on Connect. Reports can be found through the My Children tab. Families who have indicated they would like a paper copy will receive them through the post. Our friendly front office staff are very happy to help you access reports if you are having difficulty. Families who have not downloaded reports will be contacted early in Term 3.

Inter House Cross Country
Our Cross Country was a great success. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants.

1st – Ascot

2nd – Belmont

3rd – Flemington

4th – Gloucester

Year 1 Champion Girl – Princess (Belmont)

Year 1 Runner Up Girl – Charli (Belmont)

Year 1 Champion Boy – Prince (Belmont)

Year 1 Runner Up Boy – Dane (Ascot)

Year 2 Champion Girl – Keala (Belmont)

Year 2 Runner Up Girl – Kyra (Gloucester)

Year 2 Champion Boy – Issac (Ascot)

Year 2 Runner Up Boy – Hamza (Belmont)

Year 3 Champion Girl – Amity (Ascot)

Year 3 Runner Up Girl – Stephanie (Ascot)

Year 3 Champion Boy – Jayke (Ascot)

Year 3 Runner Up Boy – James (Ascot)

Year 4 Champion Girl – Brielle (Belmont)

Year 4 Runner Up Girl – Isabelle (Belmont)

Year 4 Champion Boy – Cooper (Belmont)

Year 4 Runner Up Boy – Jaxson (Belmont)

Year 5 Champion Girl – Ciara (Belmont)

Year 5 Runner Up Girl – Abbey (Ascot)

Year 5 Champion Boy – Jayden (Ascot)

Year 5 Runner Up Boy – Ben (Belmont)

Year 6 Champion Girl – Vilotte (Flemington)

Year 6 Runner Up Girl – Aroha (Flemington)

Year 6 Champion Boy – Cody (Gloucester)

Year 6 Runner Up Boy – Tama (Belmont)