Blog 2, 2020

Good Afternoon Families

What a wonderful return to school we have had. Students are focussed and striving to achieve their personal best. They are also showing kindness and consideration for others, which makes me very proud to be the Principal at Woodland Grove.

We often have visitors through our school and this week has been no different. They are always quick to tell me how welcoming WGPS is and how lovely it is to visit a school where students, staff and the wider community greet each other. Thank you all for the warm welcome you give to everyone at our school.

You may be aware that Parent Teacher Information Meetings were postponed this week. This allowed us to finalise some additional information. Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter. SeeSaw continues to be one of the best ways for classroom teachers to get message like this to parents. Please make sure you have linked up to your child’s class.

We are very lucky to have teaching students from Murdoch University with us at the moment. These students are completing their practical component for becoming teachers. They will return to us for a full term later in the year. It is very exciting to be able to showcase the wonderful teaching practice we have at Woodland Grove to help develop the teachers of the future!

Finally, thank you to our community for not parking in the Bus Zone at the front of the Administration Building. We really appreciate your support in facilitating the safe collection of our students by buses.

As always our teachers are interested in hearing from you. If you would like to get in contact with your child’s classroom teacher, please use the link for our website for your enquiries.

Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to those who have paid their voluntary contributions. We have several prizes to be won if voluntary contributions are paid before the 28th of February. These include:

  • 1st Prize – Scooter
  • 2nd Prize – Pandora Jewellery Set and Jewellery Box
  • 3rd Prize – Pandora Jewellery Set
  • 4th Prize – Tartan Spice Vouchers

If you would like to pay for your child/s voluntary contributions, you can do so by visiting the Front Administration or through bank transfer.

Lunch and Recess

We are in our second week of having lunch and recess switched around. It is pleasing to see the students making the most of their play time at lunch by staying cool under the sprinkler or burning energy off on the trampolines. Students are well versed with the UV Metre by now and you can see them frequently checking it to see what level of sun safety they should be using. Well done to those students who play under cover if they do not have their hats.