Blog 19, 2020

Welcome back for Term 3. Our students have settled in to the term and are focussed on their learning. There is a sense of normality seeping through our wonderful school.

Pupil Free Days

We have 2 Pupil Free days this term.

Our first Pupil Free Day is this Monday 27th July. Teachers will have a day of professional learning presented by Brooke Wardana. The focus of the day will be Phonological Awareness and Daily Review which is a high impact teaching strategy. Our focus at Woodland Grove has been on the teaching of Reading. Our professional learning on Monday is centred on building our staff expertise to benefit our students.

Our second Pupil Free Day is Friday 21st August. The focus for this day will be around student wellbeing.

Gates and Kiss and Collect


Families and teachers alike are commenting that the quick handover at our gates in the morning is working well. Students are calm entering class and our traffic congestion has improved. We will continue with this process throughout Term 3.

Families are able to pick up children outside classrooms in the afternoon if they would like. We appreciate the social distancing that everyone is continuing to practice and ask that carers and parents do not enter classrooms. We will also continue our Kiss and Collect trial for K/PP students and families for the remainder of Term 3. Our drop off and pick up practices will be reviewed at our upcoming School Board meeting on 10 September.

Thank you to everyone who has been following our Traffic Management Plan by:

  1. Parking in our bays for children to get in and out of vehicles.
  2. Using the footpath to enter and leave school.
  3. Ensuring our riders are using helmets.

I am sure you all agree that our children are very precious and their safety while using the roads is something we are all responsible for. If you are interested in taking a more active role in road safety for the children of Woodland Grove please send an email through to the school or let the ladies know at the front office. Our Associate Principal, Dahmen Higgs will be very thankful for your help.


Some of the events at our school will start to recommence. Our Physical Education teachers are planning for the Inter House and Inter School carnivals. Our Music teacher is planning the school musical which will be filmed for our community to view. Other events such as school assemblies and our annual Open Night will be reconsidered once the states Phase 5 Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.


You may have noticed the new fencing around our school. This fencing was replaced by the Department of Education as the previous fencing was corroding. The internal fences will also be replaced throughout the term.



Reports are up and live via Connect. Please make sure you view your child/s report and contact the front administration if you have any questions or issues.