Blog 16, 2020

Good afternoon families, 

Over the last 6 weeks, you will have noticed as we have, an increased independence in your children!  We see this as a significant positive that has come from the restrictions imposed upon us through the COVID-19 crisis.  As of Monday 8 June, restrictions on parents entering the school grounds are set to ease, but I want to take this opportunity to urge all parents and carers to carefully consider the need to enter school grounds at pick up and drop off time, as this may undo the gains your children have made recently.  For now, our procedures at WGPS are as follows:

  1. Gates will open between:
    1. 15am and 8.30am each morning, and
    2. 30pm and 2.45pm each afternoon;
  2. Parents and caregivers will drop off children at the school gates in the morning rather than entering the school site, this includes late students dropped at the front door;
  3. Parents and caregivers are able to enter the school site to pick up children in the afternoon;
  4. Students may leave from the most convenient gate regardless of Year level;
  5. Staff will continue to supervise both the drop off and pick up of students;
  6. Parents and caregivers are asked not to enter classrooms;
  7. Parents and caregivers requiring a teacher interview must pre-arrange meetings with class teachers through our WGPS website, Seesaw or a phone call to the front office.
  8. Parents requiring entry onto the school grounds other than pick up time must sign in through the front office;
  9. One adult at a time only in the front office foyer.

While restrictions are easing, in the interest of everybody’s health and well-being, we must remain vigilant and maintain sound practices whereby the number of visitors to the school site are minimised (and recorded), adult physical distancing is observed at all times, and high standards of hand hygiene and cough etiquette are paramount.

Unfortunately, the current round of restriction easing still does not allow for the resumption of school assemblies and other large gatherings of parents and carers. 

School Development Days 2020

Please note the dates for our 2020 School Development Days (Pupil Free) have been amended and approved by our School Board at the recent meeting held on Thursday 28 May.


We have 2 School Development Days planned for Term 3:

  • Monday 27 July
  • Friday 21 August.

These days are pupil free and provide our school with opportunity to reflect on and improve our practice.


Parent Feedback – We want to hear from you!

Use your smart phone camera and scan the QR code below or follow the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.