Blog 15, 2020

National Simultaneous Storytime 

We all had a great day yesterday with National Simultaneous Storytime 2020. Children across Australia were encouraged to join in reading the book, “Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas” by Lucinda Gifford. Our teachers had a lot of fun dressing as chicken divas, with costumes provided by our wonderful librarian Mrs Bosma. I was dressed as Dora von Dooze the friendly fox in the story. 

Simultaneous Storytime is focused on encouraging a love of reading. As we all know reading is an essential life skill. Children at Woodland Grove enjoyed reading “Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas” and engaging in activities related to the book. Following is a link to the story being read so your child can enjoy having the story being read to him/her again here.

At Woodland Grove our library is set up to promote reading. We love it when children take books home to read and share with their families. 


Starting the School Day 

As discussed in the last blog we have learnt how independent the children of Woodland Grove can be as they enter school grounds on their own and get themselves set up for the day. 

We are finding our day is starting very calmly and that children are settling down to their school day very quickly. I encourage you to make your best effort to get to school on time. School gates are opening at 8.15am and closing at 8.30am. We have a number of children arriving late to school. Not only is this disruptive for our front office staff, children who are late are missing a significant amount of school. 


A big thank you to families demonstrating our school value, INTEGRITY. Integrity is when you do the right thing even when someone is not looking. 

It is great to see: 

  • families using our footpaths to enter and exit school wherever possible. 
  • families parking before children enter or exit the car, and 
  • children wearing helmets and pushing their bikes and scooters to enter and exit school. 

Please keep up the good work as we strive to make Woodland Grove safe for all.

Parent Feedback – We want to hear from you!

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Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.