Blog 14, 2018



From the Principal’s desk,

Student Wellbeing Officer
We have a new member of Staff at Woodland Grove, her name is Chilli-Bean. Chilli-bean is an 11 year old Beagle who belongs to our Manager of Corporate Services. Chilli-Bean’s role is like a coin, its two sided. She is not only here to reinforce positive behaviour, but also to be available as a calming influence to help students re-set and get back to class.
Studies show that petting an animal can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Caring for a pet also helps teach children empathy and sense of responsibility.

Swimming starts next week at Kwinana pools. For week 4 & 5 from Monday the 21st of May to Friday the 1st of June, the classes that are going are ST1, TH4, Sh4, TH3, SHTR1, TH2, ST2, BR34, SH5, BR1 and TH1.
For week 6 & 7 Wednesday 6th of June to Friday 15th of June, the classes that are going are SHTR4, STTR1, ST3, STTR2, STTR3. SHTR5, ST4, BR2.
If you are still wanting your child to go and haven’t filled in the forms or paid yet, please come into Administration first thing Monday morning and we can arrange getting the payment and form through to the Aquatic Centre.

School Board
We have had a number of nominations for our School Board which is fantastic. Due to the large number of nominees we will be conducting an election for membership on our School Board. Ballot papers and a short biography of each nominee will be sent out to our community next week. All our families are eligible to vote in the election. The fundamental purpose of our School Board is to enable parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of our students, and will enhance the education provided at our school.

Walk to School Day
Friday was National Walk Safely to School Day. Mr Bird organised a Walking School Bus as a 

mode of transport to arrive at school. The meeting point was the open space by Abernathy Road and Tourmaline Blvd and Turquoise Road. Students, Staff and Parents walked together in a safe orderly manner to school. All involved had a lot of fun, including Chilli-Bean.