Blog Week 6 from the principal

Good afternoon to the Woodland Grove family,

Once again it seems a lot has happened in our school this week from the Winter Carnival today to our involvement in National Simultaneous Story Time with our whole school listening to the book “The Cow Tripped Over the Moon” at the same time as children from all over Australia. The link to the National Simultaneous Story Time web site is below:

Foundation School Board

We had our first School Board meeting this week. We have a great group of people on our School Board who are committed to ensuring a quality education for the children of our school. Our Foundation School Board will operate until the end of next year at which time nominations for School Board will be sought with elections held for membership as necessary. Our Foundation School Board plans to set an exemplary level of governance for School Board at Woodland Grove which is underpinned by strong policies and practices.

Our School Board comprises of the following members:
John Erren – School Board Chairperson
Ashley Mottershead – Principal
Kate Ayers – Secretary and records management
Kerry Visser – Community member
Christian Moore – Community member
Gayle Martin – Teacher
Jessica Hodgekiss – Teacher
Melissa Tew – Teacher
Chelsea Versaico – Community member
Amber Ness – Associate Principal
Heidi Rasmussen – Community Member
Naomi Cooper – Community Member

School Board discussed the roles and responsibilities of board members and reviewed the data from our recent Parent Forums. School Board also discussed the importance of establishing and embedding community connections with Woodland Grove Primary School. With this in mind School Board is committed to co-opting members to reflect the diversity and needs of our school community.

Makerspace and Waste Wise

Makerspace and Waste Wise are two significant initiatives that have begun at our school this year. In Maker Space students are able to get together to make things from the materials available to them, often following a specific design brief. Our makerspace is in the Clydesdale Block and is open at lunch time. Students are supported by staff and encouraged to think “outside the box”. Makerspace is led by our specialist Science teacher Shane Liackman who is passionate about ensuring student creativity is maximised.

Makerspace has a limited amount of Lego. We would really appreciate it if any of our families or wider community has spare Lego that can be donated for Makerspace use.

Our staff who make up the Green Team have been very busy at Woodland Grove. They have met with representatives from The Glades Community Garden and are considering plans for vegetable gardens etc across the school. Our Green team have joined the Waste Wise community with our students completing a rubbish audit for the school. Woodland Grove Primary School has even been featured in the recent Waste Education Newsletter. Thank you to the Green Team for your commitment to sustainability.

Toys at School

A number of our students are bringing toys to school such as spinners. At this stage we are not planning to ban these toys from our playground. It is important that everyone understands that the school cannot take responsibility if they go missing or are damaged.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.